Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Bored is Beautiful

'Take it away,the moments that make up a dull day',sung Roger Waters and we all nodded in approval.Today i beg to differ.I spent one with a million of them and there is not one i regret.

I got up in the morning and walked into a dream.I dived into ennui and didn't feel like coming out.

Would you know how it feels?To watch a city on the move in silent frames.To be a part of it without being involved.To be in its heart and yet be numb to its pulse..surreal.
Scattered conversations,fits of fancy,saucerful of memories and three friends enjoying boredom and figuratively getting high on it.Would dull then not turn to beautiful,wrapped in muted expressions??
I think so..

Saturday, November 04, 2006

Build me up buttercup

Look me in the eyes and not say a word
read me throughout,guarded as you stand
mesmeric as I surrender to your gaze
you sit down, unmoved and unsaid.

I light up a cigarette, you blow out the smoke
I pull out my hair,while yours you gently stroke
one moment I am a millionaire,the next leaves me broke
it's like being on the Everest and having a sun stroke.

Thursday, September 14, 2006


Of dogs men this common trait,
the lust for bone in this hurried haste
the bone though differs from taste to taste
but this sin of greed no one escapes

Our sin count rising day by day
vanity gulping through our veins
gluttonous in our bloody heads
cutting through our shoulder blades
this weight of sin, doesn't it hurt to take?

Endless point

Sitting alone on this lonely cliff
watching the lighthouse and the train pass by
what is that light that shines on my life?
its kinda dull and also bright.

Silence,do i hear you right?
silence that echoes from the light,
I catch you, just a fleeting sight
You are whats left of this night.

Wednesday, August 30, 2006


How big a flirt this life, luring into alleys with dead ends, black holes of hope they attract you like a moth to fire, a gateway to a world you'd rather be on the other side. A world in which your senses fail or rather a world beyond the senses' perception. Blinded you are for distant vision, deaf you seem to faraway calls, numb to all feelings nice and bad, dumb to all those thoughts in your hat. You think and think and then you think again, what's this happening, cant be the world that is flattening, then what's going wrong, what's taking so long, the black holes are no more a mystery, the force of gravity has faded into history, then why cant the moth finds its fire,why cant the hobbit, see the way to his 'shire'?


Thoughts lost in distant dreams
moments etched upon the memory stream
elation shouting in brazen screams
Life, so vivid, as if in surreal themes.

Hopes transform this world of reality,
bliss transcends the boundaries of enormity;
charting the way across the ocean of absurdity,
the waves guide you, through moments of obscurity..